Benefits to having a humidifier in your home

whole home steam humidifier

There are numerous benefits to having a humidifier in your home during the winter months.  When your heating system is in full operation, the air in the home naturally dries out.  Lack of humidity in the air impacts our comfort level in our home.  Cold air in the winter does not hold a lot of…

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Common Culprits in Furnace Breakdowns

With the winter season comes many common culprits in furnace breakdowns. With many delicate snow falls, a myriad of outdoor activities for the children and adults and of course the coziness of snuggling up indoors, one cannot forget the importance of your furnace heating your home . But sometimes, we encounter an obstacle with our…

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need furnace repair thermal

HVAC systems are complex and require many components to function and perform optimally.  If your furnace is not maintaining appropriate temperature, it is a sign that your furnace needs attention.  There are a number of things that can go astray and although many of them may seem “small”, it is always smart to address them…

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Thermal Concepts Ltd has been servicing the needs of residential and commercial customers for over 20 years.  The owner, Joe Di Donato is a licenced 313A Refrigeration Mechanic and holds many certifications within this industry.  His tenure expands over 35 years with experience and vast knowledge in residential, commercial and industrial applications.  A team is…

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Tankless Hot Water Heaters, a smart investment.

wifi app for tankless

Tired of running out of hot water?  Too many teenagers taking long showers?  There are numerous reasons to seriously consider investing in a tankless hot water heater.  In order to make a sound, confident and informed decision, it is important to understand the benefits of one over the other. Here are a few reasons for…

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Is a Maintenance Plan on an Air Conditioner really THAT important?

This is a common question in our neck of the woods because Air Conditioning season lasts for only a few short months out of an entire year.  An air conditioner is a mechanical system and similar to most machines, service is required to ensure that it continues to run in top-notch condition when it is…

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