In order to extend the life of your Heating, Air Conditioning and Refrigeration equipment, regular maintenance is absolutely necessary.

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Lower Utility Bills

An HVAC unit that is running efficiently means less money spent on electricity, heating and cooling costs. HVAC maintenance is also important to prevent the need for major repairs or entire replacements.

Healthy Air

A properly maintained HVAC unit will not only keep a home warm or cool, but it will prevent problems with air quality. An unmaintained HVAC unit is a breeding ground for dirt, mold and bacteria, all of which can cause or worsen respiratory problems.

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Life of the System

With proper HVAC maintenance, a unit can last well over 20 years. Considering the amount of money a person spends to install an HVAC unit, it makes sense they would want to keep that unit running well for as long as possible.

A well-maintained HVAC unit will run more efficiently. Research shows that dirty or unmaintained units need to work 20 percent harder to produce the same amount of cooling or heating. Less energy will be expended when it is running, which means less stress on the components of the machine.

Annual Rceommended HVAC Maintenance Service Packages


• Check and tighten electrical connections on unit
• Check amp draw on outdoor fan motor
• Check amp draw on compressor
• Check subcooling/superheat for proper refrigerant charge
• Tighten service caps to prevent refrigerant leaks
• Wash debris from outdoor unit
• Clean blower motor
• Check filter condition
• Clean and insect condensate drain line
• Check for proper drain line pitch
• Clean/change 1 basic filter



• Clean and check burners
• Clean and check pilot assembly
• Check flame sensor
• Check ignitor
• Check and adjust gas pressure
• Check furnace filter
• Check and clean blower motor
• Inspect heat exchanger for cracks or corrosion
• Check high limit operation
• Check fan control
• Check for flue obstructions
• Clean fresh air intake screen
• Check for proper burner operation
• Check for proper ignition upon a heat call
• Check all safety controls
• Clean/change 1 basic filter

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