Benefits to having a humidifier in your home

There are numerous benefits to having a humidifier in your home during the winter months.  When your heating system is in full operation, the air in the home naturally dries out.  Lack of humidity in the air impacts our comfort level in our home.  Cold air in the winter does not hold a lot of humidity.  When the air is heated in your home, it has low humidity, and the air becomes too dry.  Humidity refers to the amount of water present in the air. 

Why do we need humidity in our living spaces?

Low humidity can make our home feel colder than it is, even when the thermostat is set to warmer temperatures.  So, by adding humidity with the use of a humidifier, our indoor environment will feel warmer.  By raising (relative) humidity just a little bit, you can make the current temperature feel warmer and this lowers energy consumption and your energy bills!

Adding humidity to our homes is important to protect our health- specifically our throats, noses (sinuses), skin and eyes.  Allergies are greatly impacted by air that is too dry.    Adding humidity in your home also reduces risk of infections because bacteria, viruses and germs cannot travel as well in moist air and therefore there will be less spread of illnesses throughout your home.

The addition of humidity greatly protects your wood floors, furniture, musical instruments and even your valuable artwork from shrinkage, warping and even cracking.  By ensuring proper humidification levels, less need for chemicals and cost of repairs/ damages will be required.

What is a humidifier?

A humidifier is a tool that is used to add humidity into the air during the dry, winter months when your heating system is running at full capacity and drying out the air.

There are different types of humidifiers:


In duct by pass filter

This works with your home’s existing heating system.  It provides comfortably humidified air throughout your home.


drum humidifier

This delivers effective humidification in mid to large sized homes.  It is easily installed onto the furnace and requires no nearby drain.


whole home humifier

This humidifier injects properly humidified air throughout your home.  This evaporative humidifier works with your heating system to humidify with ease.


steam humidifier

This cannister steam humidifier is ideal for whole house applications.  This works independently of your HVAC system.  It delivers optimum levels of humidity throughout all rooms of your house.

Benefits to having a humidifier in your home – we can help!

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